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        XCG-05 自動選層柜

        ¥0.00    產品秀

        規格 specifications
        • 可根據客戶需求定制
        庫存 amount

        XCG-05 自動選層柜


        (1)上位機自動盤點在柜檔案 (2)本地機自動盤點在柜檔案 (3)多臺上位機 (4)聯網控制檔案柜 (5)數據庫條形碼管理檔案 (6)檔案管理報表打印 (7)運行狀態顯示 (8)運行日志記錄 (9)光電安全保護 (10)手動/自動走層 (11)應急手搖功能 (12)緩起緩停功能
        (1)系統登陸 (2)檔案接收 (3)檔案發送 (4)檔案查詢 (5)檔案統計 (6)檔案借閱、借閱登記 (7)檔案歸還、歸還登記 (8)檔案維護 (9)發送檔案記錄管理 (10)借閱記錄管理 (11)數據庫管理 (12)打印條碼 (13)自動盤庫 (14)初始設置 (15)擴展字段設置 (16)字段內容管理 (17)用戶管理 (18)打印
        Automatic layer selection cabinet series

        The performance, characteristics and technical indexes of the automatic layer selection archives

        1、 Product performance and characteristics

        1. The product has the advantages of fully enclosed shell and automatic layer selection, stable operation and information speed, large storage, small floor area, novel style and safe storage. The main materials used in the machine are high-quality carbon cold rolled steel plate, gb912, and are made by bending and stamping, which makes the structural steel degree and strength of the cabinet increase, and has the advantages of light weight of the whole machine

        2、 Product parts and technical standards
        1. The motor, which is made of 1.1KW low noise motor, is selected as the protection grade tpaa, the insulation resistance is lower than 0.5 megohm, the working voltage is 350-400v, and it can run continuously for more than 5000 hours, and the noise is lower than 56 db; 2. The reducer is manufactured according to the American ACMA design standard, and has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, wear resistance, impact resistance, low noise (lower than 56 dB), long service life, etc.; 3. Gear The surface of case cabinet is sprayed with plastic, which is made by advanced electrostatic spraying and processed by spray molding line. The product has the resistance to impact of paint film to gb/t1771-1991 standard, the chemical resistance reagent of paint film can meet gb/t1740-1979 (1989) gb/t1720-1979 (1989), and the impact resistance of paint film meets gb/ t1720-1979 (1989), and has the advantages of bright surface luster and uniform color thickness; 4. In order to ensure the use of safety All of them are made of non-metallic plate (jigging from high density medium fiber plate) and play the role of fire insulation and deformation. When installing electrical parts and computer boards, plastic isolation and overhead installation is adopted; 5. All electrical components are strictly selected and aging treated, which are domestic high-quality products and insured by the people's Insurance Company of China. All electrical components have the product quality insurance standard of the people's Insurance Company of China; 6. Single row chain 10a and 16A are selected for mechanical transmission, chain and sprocket. The technical indexes are in accordance with the international iso60 standard, and the minimum limit tensile load of 16A type is 3200kg. It is far higher than the actual load of the product within 1000kg, so it will not cause mechanical fatigue and extension

        The control and barcode function of archives cabinet and computer network

        1. On the basis of the original function, the cabinet has added a computer centralized control system to realize the automatic control networking, linkage, search and retrieval of multiple archives cabinets;

        2. Data files can be input and stored in the database through computer interface, and can be input by unit, number, span number, place of origin, address, name, level, etc. To find files, you only need to enter a name above in the computer, and send out the command cabinet to automatically select the layer. The files you want will run and stop at the position of the working table;

        3. Computer communication software, file management software and operation program, can be configured with barcode printer and scanner;

        4. The operation platform has automatic layer selection, point moving layer selection, power failure emergency manual swing function

        5. Main functions can be realized
        (1) The upper computer automatically counts the files in the cabinet (2) the local computer automatically counts the files in the cabinet (3) multiple upper computers (4) the network control archives (5) the database barcode management files (6) the file management report printing (7) the operation status display (8) the operation log record (9) the photoelectric safety protection (10) manual / automatic layer walking (11) emergency hand shaking function (12) the function of slow start and stop

        6. Software functions
        (1) System login (2) file receiving (3) file sending (4) file query (5) file statistics (6) file borrowing, borrowing registration (7) file return, return registration (8) file maintenance (9) sending file record management (10) borrowing record management (11) database management (12) print barcode (13) automatic inventory (14) initial setting (15) extended field setting (16) field content management (17) user management (18) Print

        XCG-05 自動選層柜

        XCG-05 自動選層柜